CKS is dedicated to furnishing expert construction services to the oil and gas transmission, storage, production and distribution companies for all facility projects, large or small.

We provide competitive pricing and on-time completion of projects.

CKS is owned by Chris and Jonelle Swiger.

Chris has a background as a pipeline welder and even spent some time early on working in Prudhoe Bay Alaska. He worked for 10 years as a welder before deciding to try starting a pipeline company on his own, with his wife, Jonelle. Jonelle has a travel and management background and enjoys keeping the books and employees straight. Together they run this minority owned business that Jonelle jokingly likes to remind Chris about.

CKS was started 14 days after our first son was born, on Feb. 14th 2005. We wanted a company that would treat employees well. We took what we’ve learned from other companies, and we created a workplace based on how we would like to have been treated.

We try to improve the quality of life for our employees by offering holiday and vacation pay along with a 3% simple plan match, we cover 75% of health insurance costs and a Christmas Bonus. We look for ways that each employee can grow and learn in the industry and try to push them to do their best.

Their shop is located in the industrial park in Jane Lew, WV, while the office is run off site. If you ever have questions, Sheila the office manager is the one to call on any billing, invoicing or employee information as she is the one that keeps all of us straight and legal.

We are proud to have started this business from the ground up and consider everyone in our company family and hope they feel
that way too.